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From any time I can remember, I have always been very sure of the strength of my convictions. Even at a young age I felt comfortable with my identity. I understood why I think and see things differently to the people in my world was unique. Over time I learnt this outside of the box thinking allowed me to live and create a life filled with everything I could ever wish for.

My life looks like so many others, I’m married with two kids, two dogs and I live in suburbia. My life may look simple but it is nothing but significant, the reason, my blog Glamor Hippie.

I found my purpose and passion a couple of years ago. I was at a health retreat in Queensland. This retreat, of course, had no phones, no alcohol, and no coffee. Early mornings, communal dining and I, funnily enough, I wasn’t overly thrilled to go. I thought there would at least be coffee! But it turned out to be a life-affirming moment.

I was the loudest, most overdressed person there. Apparently diamond earrings, lipstick, and mascara didn’t need to be worn to breakfast. Who would have thought? It was organic makeup, surely that was alright!

There at that coffee-less retreat, Glamor Hippie was born. I realised I was already make every possible attempt to live life in the most natural way possible. I already had a chemical free home. I was already obsessed with everything organic. I just realised I was doing with a touch of glamor and this was something that everyone at the retreat stopped and took a great interest in.

Today with the support of my two extraordinary scrumptious kids and my amazing husband, I continue to grow, develop and share Glamor Hippie with the world.

I’m inspired every day. I take nothing for granted. I feel privileged to live the life I have created. Glamor Hippie is a product of my passion. I would love to help you feel the same way about your blog. I have created MAKE IT SIMPLE BUT SIGNIFICANT (MISBS) for that exact reason and the time has come to share it with the everyone who wants to blog because they simply love it.

Over the years I have learnt to listen when the universe gives me a message, I never ignore direct signs about the path I should take, how could I? The universe was absolutely right about starting Glamor Hippie! The trigger that brought MAKE IT SIMPLE BUT SIGNIFICANT to fruition was one simple question asked by a friend. She asked how my blog was going and “when are you going to go pro?” My response was “why do I have to?” I then posed the question. “If my hobby was knitting, tennis or golf would you ask me when I was going pro?” She laughed and said that she had never thought of it that way and I needed to write a book.

Message received, here is the blog and the book is on its way!

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