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Your blog is an extension of you or at least it should be. We are all unique. We have little idiosyncrasies that make us different. Creating a blog that is in line with your personal style, that is a reflection of your personality will not only make it feel more authentic it will keep you emotionally connected when blogging gets a little tough.

The key is to make it simple. Don’t over complicate things! Design and develop your blog in line with the time you have, use fonts, colours and images that you love. Make it just the way you like it, forget about what everyone else is doing. If it looks good and feels good to you then you will be happy to jump in whenever you can and work on it.

It needs to be a happy place for you. If it’s complicated and you don’t 100% love it with all your heart and soul it can make you doubt why you are doing it, trust me this will happen more often than not.

Creating a blog that you love isn’t complicated, start with working out what your personal style is.

The best way to work out what your personal style is to take notice of what you have around you, what have you chosen. What colour is your car? What colours do you see when you look in your wardrobe?  What image do you use as a screen saver? What’s your Netflix user icon? What type of pins are you drawn to on Pinterest? Take a few moments and have a think about what you really like. When I did this, I realised my whole world was black and white, my car is black, my kitchen is white, my dog is black etc. But I adore the 80’s, I was born in 1980 and love everything that decade created including the big hair and shoulder pads! When I was trying to pinpoint what I was drawn to I realised I absolutely love the colour peach that was used everywhere in the 80’s. Weird stuff because it had never occurred to me. So Glamor Hippie’s key colours are back, white and 80’s peach. That colour combination rocks my world, it keeps me engaged time and time again.

Your blog is all about you, find what you love and let it rock your world, you will never regret being true to yourself.