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Creating Glamor Hippie sent me on a trajectory of happiness and fulfilment I could have never anticipated. I found the thing I can do and lose track of time. Where I am so happy I don’t even think about anything else, I’m so immersed that my talkative mind is actually quiet and that is very rare. I feel at peace. That creative part of me that needs to be fulfilled is beyond satisfied, it feels like getting a giant hug from someone I love.

I’m a busy Mum so blogging is not the first thing I think of when I get out of bed in the morning. My brain automatically usually jumps to my crazy to-do-list awaiting me as it should. But once that’s out of the way and I’ve had my morning caffeine hit I think of it and it makes me smile. I have something I created from scratch and I love it to pieces.

Glamor Hippie is what is known as a Lifestyle Blog. It’s a diary of what is going on in my world. What I’m cooking, where I am travelling to, what I’m passionate about. How I clean my house, the healthy choices I make for my family, if I’m thinking about it I’m usually blogging about it. Putting all of this out there for the world to see does something magical, it elevates it all to a higher level. Because you are presenting what you are passionate about you tend to immerse and indulge a little deeper than you normally would. You research, study, test and dissect things more than you would normally because you want the best most accurate information going out to your followers.

Blogging has unequivocally changed my life and changed the quality of my families lives. A perfect example of this is when I was concerned about the level of harmful chemicals in average cleaning products I spent weeks researching the impacts of using them. I blogged about what I found and why I was changing what we were doing. Now we buy natural based products and make our own. I feel as if I am more knowledgeable in areas I am passionate about because I choose to put out quality content on my blog. My family’s health and wellbeing benefit daily because I am in constant research mode.

Another benefit I recently noticed was how beautiful my home had become over the past several years. Before I started Glamor Hippie, our home was nice, and I had zero complaints, we were happy and very content. However, over the years without realising it we (I say we because everyone is on the Glamor Hippie train in my house) have created a physical version of my blog. Our home is stunning and the list of things that we have added or changed because of my blog is long and large but here is a small snippet:

  • A thriving vegetable garden
  • Herbs growing in countless pots
  • Three crazy backyard chickens that lay the most amazing eggs
  • Zero plastic food storage containers
  • Natural cleaning products bought and homemade
  • Organic shampoo and conditioners
  • Organic soaps
  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Organic biodegradable coffee pods
  • Organic makeup
  • Recycled non-bleached toilet paper and tissues
  • Toxin-free pet toys
  • Beeswax candles
  • Indoor plants
  • Organic food, fresh and packaged
  • Filtered water
  • Oil diffusers
  • Natural dishwasher tablets
  • Natural washing powders
  • Organic wine, beer and organic vodka

We also have a greater understanding of:

  • The importance of limiting screen time
  • How much sun we need to improve our mental health and wellbeing
  • Avoiding and minimising the pollutions that occur in our homes
  • Appreciating what matters to us
  • Making our own meals and baking our own treats
  • We make downtime and time as a family a priority

As I mentioned earlier the list is long and large and this is just a few ways my blog has changed my family’s life and in turn created the most beautiful home to live in.

Glamor Hippie is a part of who I am, it’s entwined in the fabric of my being. Over the years it has manifested in my physical world and it now lives and breathes with me every day. Blogging can change your life. I am eternally grateful I gathered the courage to start Glamor Hippie all those years ago and I know my family is as well.