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These myths about blogging drive me crazy!

You need to blog once a week. Um no. You only need to blog consistently. If that’s daily, weekly or monthly that’s completely up to you.

You must guest post on other and preferably more successful blogs. Guest blogging does work, but it’s not necessary and it takes a lot of time that most bloggers don’t have. If you are pushed for time don’t give guest blogging another thought until you have the time. If you have bloggers wanting to guest blog on your site consider it very carefully. It can be tempting to say yes because it means you don’t need to write yet another post (it can get very mundane). An offer of someone looking to do a guest post on your blog can feel like you have stumbled on a free gift and you don’t consider the ramifications because it will absolutely lighten your workload. However, you need to consider that your readers want to hear from you, you’re the reason they subscribe and follow your blog. How will they feel about hearing someone else’s voice in your space? You must take the time to read everything the guest blogger has written and shared on their site and social media. This is very important and not to mention time-consuming. The last thing you want to do is align yourself with someone whose values are not in line with your own.

You must have advertising on your site. Again, no you don’t! I think advertising is a brilliant thing if you have an established blog and your followers are solid and the advertising works with the look and feel of your blog. When you are first starting out advertising can look messy and turn readers off. If you want to make some money from your blog in the early days, you can create and sell an online course or approach brands that fit your blog to do a sponsored post.

All bloggers are your competition. With the amount of work, you put into your blog it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming overprotective and begin to view all other bloggers as competition, I know I often get stuck in this mindset more often than I should. The best thing about fellow bloggers is they understand how difficult blogging is. Now I agree some blogs are your competitors, if they fall exactly into your niche, I give you permission to look at these blogs with your competitive streak in full swing. But do not discount their importance to your blogging journey. Following, liking and commenting on blogs that fall into your niche can be a positive move. Remember they are sharing their passion just as you are, they have the same doubts, worries and blogging issues as you do. If you can jump right in and give them the love and you never know they might just give it right back.